Ginger’s Christmas Letter

Dear Everyone,

This was a good year.  I like this house.  It has stairs, which are fun to run up and down, and the banister is fun for practicing my acrobatics.  So is the coat tree downstairs.  Mom says I am going to fall and break my head, but I never do.  I am too talented.  The house has lots of old radiators that get really warm.  They are nice to sleep on.

Mom and Dad brought home a big furry thing that smells funny.  They said that it is a dog.  I don’t think I like it very much, but the kittens do.  Sometimes it steps on me.  I like its food though.  One time Mom left a big bag of it in the pantry.  Juniper ripped it open and we ate a lot.  Then it made our tummies sick.  Mom put us in the bathroom while she cleaned up.  I hate being locked up anywhere!  I decided to show her!  I ripped up two rolls of paper towels and some toilet paper.  I thought she would be mad, but she just laughed.  Sometimes I don’t understand her.

When it got warm everyone went outside but me.  I cried as loud as I could, but Mom and Dad would not let me out.  They said I would just hurt myself.  Well, I decided to show them.  I ran outside every time I could.  I think they gave up trying to keep me inside, because now I go outside all the time.  Lots of times the outside is wet, though, and I don’t like it.  One time I caught something that was hopping and fluttering in the yard and brought it inside.  Mom chased me down and took it away, which was awfully mean, because I was so proud that I had caught it.  I am a good hunter.  I am especially good at chasing bugs and eating them.

Then Mom and Dad brought three more kitties to live with us.  I didn’t like them at first.  When they came near me I whacked them on the head.  I liked their food, though, but Mom wouldn’t let me have it.  After a while I started to like them.  They are nice to chase and snuggle with and I like to give them baths.  They are pretty big now, but sometimes I still whack them on the head, just to show them who’s boss.

Now it is cold outside and there is lots of wet white stuff on the ground.  It’s not a very nice surprise because I think it always ought to be warm out.  Mom and Dad put up a big fake tree in the living room.  We had so much fun with it!  I am too big to climb it, but Spot and Scout can.  We chase them around it and they hide in the branches.  I like to clean my teeth on the fake needles, it feels good.  Mom and Dad really don’t like it when we do that, though.  They say we have destroyed the tree.  It looks fine to me, though.  They got a new one that is real and I don’t like it so much.  It tastes funny and smells funny.  Mom says it’s perfect, and why didn’t they think of this sooner?  I want the old one back.

Christmas is soon, and Mom and Dad have been making lots of good-smelling food.  I like to sample what they make.  Then they put me outside with the other kitties.  You think they would at least ask what I think of what they make.

There have been lots of other good things this year, too…like back-scratches and treats and Tuna Fish.  I love Tuna Fish.  The kittens used to get it all the time, which made me mad.  Mom said that it had medicine in it, but I wouldn’t care.  Whenever I hear her start opening something I run into the kitchen and start crying.  Most of the time she says it’s not Tuna, but you never know.

Well, that is all for now.  I hope Santa brings me lots of Tuna for Christmas.

Love, Ginger.

and Juniper, Sheena, Bagheera, Scout and Spot too.

P.S. Spot wants to tell you about her year.


Practicing my acrobatics in the coat tree.

Practicing my acrobatics in the coat tree.

I am really cute.

I am really cute.  Merry Christmas everybody!


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