Untitled book can has title.


Oh, wait, this is New York.  Juuuuuust kidding.  *SNOW*


Thanks to a wonderful friend, my previously untitled Great War book project now has a title.

Drumroll, please….

And the title is…

Ypres!  A Mouse!
Lab Mice goes to Belgium

Isn’t that great?

(If you are wondering what “yippers” is…well, google it.)


I do have a comic for you, but it has been giving me SO.  MUCH. TROUBLE.  that it probably won’t get posted until Saturday.  I know.  I can hear you wailing in despair.  Like you do most weekends when I fail to post.  –Actually, you’re saying, “That’s okay, don’t kill yourself, it’s not like anyone reads this blog anyhow.  You do know that you’re talking to yourself virtually right now, don’t you?”  Yes.  Yes, I do.  But the alternative is going and doing something productive, so here we are.

Anyways, to tide any of you over who actually might be reading this long, rambling post, and who might be looking forward to my comic posts, here is something amusing and WWI-related:

If World War I was a bar fight




Recently a certain blog has taken over my Facebook news feed.  It’s called Pray for Ben Sauer, and is absolutely worth visiting.  It’s written by a mom whose four-year-old son has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.  While I don’t know the family personally, Ben’s mom is a graduate of Houghton College, my alma mater.  It has been amazing to see people rally around this family (even from just my computer screen) supporting them through prayer and donations towards Ben’s medical expenses.  The city of Buffalo even got on board and lit up various structures with blue lights in support of Ben and his family.  Whatever happens, this little boy has made an impression on many hearts, mine included.

Blog: Aspic and Other Delights

My husband found this blog a while ago, and we spent a good half-hour scrolling through the entries, alternating between laughter and “ewww, who would eat that?!?”.  The tag line is “A blog dedicated to gastronomic atrocities of the past.”  It’s hilarious, and sometimes kinda gross, as it highlights foods and meals served up (or at least advertised–you kinda hope no one ate this stuff) in years gone by–especially of the “canned within an inch of its life” variety.  Definitely worth looking at, although maybe not right before dinner:

Aspic and Other Delights


Etsy Shop–Candles!

In the Orthodox church (and in other churches, as well) it is customary to have decorated candles at weddings and baptisms.  They are often lavishly decorated with ribbons, fabric and sometimes icons.  I love creating more contemporary-styled candles for this purpose.  Since kick-starting my shop a little over a year ago, I’ve found that I most enjoy beading on beautiful fabric and ribbons and then applying this to the candles.  I have so many new ideas that I’ve decided to have a small sale on three of my designs in an effort to make way for some new designs. I’m calling this a “last chance” sale, since I won’t be creating these candles anymore after selling what I have listed.





These were the first candles I created, and are all elegant simplicity.  They are customizable to your choice of ribbon.

View the listing here.



There’s only one of these candles left.  It features a “candle charm” with a shell bead, natural pearl beads and swarovski crystals in various shades of blue.  Just looking at this candle reminds me of the seaside.  🙂

View this Maine-inspired candle here.


This is the “sister” candle to my “Sea and Sky” design.  It features a “candle charm” with a large printed rose bead and swarovski crystals in various shades of pink.

View this perfectly pink candle here.



While you’re at my shop, check out some of my other candles:



This candle has been really popular for baptisms and christenings.  It features eyelet lace over satin ribbon and a lace bow.  It’s customizable to whatever color you would like, but pink and blue (the most-requested) are always available.

View here.



I created these candles to accompany my “Splendor” crown set.  They are simple but beautiful with gold trim and gold-and-cream paisley.

View here.


These are my first beaded fabric candles.  The embroidered net comes from a re-purposed clearance-rack dress that I loved but could not wear.  I added the beads to make it extra-special.  There are two different styles (and listings): a 12-inch candle, made from the middle of the skirt, and a 15-inch candle, made from the bottom of the skirt–it still has the ruffled hem!

View the 12-inch candle.

View the 15-inch candle.


Violet--Vintage-inspired baptism candle--ONE available.

This candle is similar to my “Ribbon and Lace” candles, but it is ready-made.  It features wine-colored purple ribbon underneath some vintage lace, which I found at a thrift store.  The same lace is tied in a fluffy bow to complete the candle.  The back of the candle features a row of miniature pearl buttons.

View more photos here.


Wonder of Wonders--12-inch Wedding or Baptismal candle

This is my most recent design.  It was inspired by the film “The Fiddler on the Roof” and features white satin ribbon, Chantilly lace, frosted lavender picks, and pearl pins.

Read more about the inspiration for this candle here.