The Creation of the Apple

(Apple cider, apple oatmeal, apple pie, apple slices with caramel, baked apples, apples just as nature intended them.  All of our recent apple-eating has reminded me of this little flight of fancy, which I wrote last year.  It has been rescued from the depths of my Facebook feed and edited.  Enjoy it with an apple.)


I think, when all the seasons were first created, it was discovered that a little bit of Autumn had been left over. No one wanted to waste even one tiny part of such a beautiful season, so they came up with an idea. First, the little left-over bit was formed into a ball, not quite perfectly round. It was infused with a little dew from the early morning, to make it juicy, and the sound of walking through fallen leaves, to make it crisp. A few rays of sunlight were added, to make it tangy. Then, the leftover Autumn was dipped in the colors of changing leaves, to give it shades of green and gold and crimson. It was hung on a tree and formed seeds, so that more of it could grow the next year, when Autumn-time came again.

And that was the creation of the apple.


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