Christmas 2014

This Christmas marks the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce.  I couldn’t let it get away without posting a little comic in its honor.

If you haven’t yet watched Sainsbury’s Christmas ad, you should:

Merry Christmas!  Peace on earth.


The Log Book: November 2014

I’m stealing an idea from my cousin Laura, who has a great blog called A Nurse and A Nerd.  At the end of every month she writes a post called “Laura Lately” which is a summary of what she’s been up to.  Since there are days when I can barely remember what happened the day before, never mind the month before, I’ve decided to take a leaf from her book and start doing this myself.  Unlike Laura, I couldn’t think of a cute, catchy title for these posts, so they’ll just be called “The Log Book”…which nonetheless conjures up old-timey images of leather-bound books, crackly paper, quill pens and wood sailing ships in my head.  So without further ado:  the first entry in “The Log Book”:

November 2014

Latest Projects:
Scatter-brain that I am, I always have several projects going at once.  I’ve been going shelf-happy, working on plans to put up some useful shelves in my studio, the down-stairs bathroom, and the dining room.  My parents also moved the last piece of “my” furniture from their house to mine, a bookshelf that went in the dining room to provide more storage.  It’s working wonderfully so far.

Other projects include more beading, and working on my 2014 Christmas card.

What’s cooking?
Soup!  There’s nothing like a hot bowl of hearty soup to warm you from the inside out.  I’ve been making chili, tortilla soup, asparagus soup, split pea soup, lentil and rice soup….  All from scratch, and all vegetarian.  I’ve also re-discovered a childhood-favorite: no-bake cookies.  Easy and so yummy.  Waiting for them to firm up in the fridge is the hardest part!
This month’s favorites:  Tortilla soup and no-bake cookies.

Um…does Better Homes and Gardens count?  Sadly I haven’t had much time to read lately. 😦

Watching and listening:
We’ve been watching Star Trek: Voyager, Seasons 2 and 3.  We don’t have cable, so we borrow movies and TV shows from the library.  Star Trek may have had some influence on naming these posts “The Log Book….”  As always, we enjoy listening to the classical station, and we’ve started listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  😎

I’m looking forward to:
St. Nicholas Day, Santa Lucia Day, and Christmas (for which we will travel to Ohio)!

Other happenings:
Oh my goodness, where to start?

On a sad note, two of our kitties have been missing all month.  It’s looking less and less likely that Spot and Scout will come home, but it’s hard not to hope!

…But on a happier note, Shaun and I have begun sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  Her name is Prily, she’s 11-years-old and she lives in Indonesia.  A dear friend of mine was participating in Compassion’s “Speak up for One” campaign this month, and posted Prily’s information on Facebook (I feel that things like this help justify social media’s existence).  I felt an instant connection to Prily, and within 24-hours became her sponsor!  I’m so excited to start writing to her.

Shaun was on the “Thanksgiving team” for his DFAC this year.  Thanksgiving is actually a pretty big celebration in the Army:  the DFACs cook a big meal–which often includes not only turkey, but also ham, steak, and lobster–and the officers put on their dress uniforms and serve the meal.  The DFACs appoint a “Thanksgiving team” from among their cooks to whip up a bunch of decorations according to that year’s theme, and then are judged against the other DFACs.  This year Shaun’s DFAC chose “Dr. Seuss”.  The team started in October decorating Dr. Seuss-themed cornucopias, making tallow sculptures of characters, and creating a gingerbread-house village of crazy Dr. Seuss buildings.  They didn’t win the contest, but they still did a fantastic job.

Unfortunately for him, Shaun had to temporarily bow-out of the team in the week before Thanksgiving, as another unit “borrowed” him to cook for them during the last few days of their field training.  Why the post has people in field in November I don’t know, but the last few days of field training were cut short by the same Great Lakes-wide snowstorm that dumped seven feet of snow on Buffalo.  I drove partly through white-out conditions to pick Shaun up, convinced all the while that our little car was going to get stuck in a snowdrift on the un-plowed streets or parking lot.  Thankfully everyone made it back safely from the field, and Shaun and I made it safely home again (our car did great!).  The storm totaled about 2 1/2 feet of snow over two days.  We thank God for our safety during that storm!

And then there was Thanksgiving!  Shaun had the whole weekend off (a benefit of being on the “Thanksgiving team”), so we traveled down to my parents’ for the holiday.  Mom and I split the cooking and made most of the food ahead, so I think we both had a fairly relaxed day.  My brother was home from college, so we had a good time visiting.

And that’s “all” for November!  🙂