The Log Book: February 2015

THE LOG BOOK: February 2015

I would like to begin this entry with a quote:

“February is the armpit of the year.”  ~Garfield the cat

(With apologies to anyone who has a birthday in February)

Latest projects:
Trying to keep the house from falling apart in a dingy, soggy mess (thank you, ice dams and illness)

What’s cooking?
Soup!  It’s hot and comforting, and this winter we need all we can get of both.
This month’s favorites:
Vegetarian copy-cat version of Olive Garden’s chicken and gnocci soup (modified from a recipe found online), and lemon cookies.  My husband’s family has the easiest recipe for lemon cookies, and I find them addictive.

Lark Rise to Candleford
Little Women

Watching and listening:
All Creatures Great and Small, Series 1&3

I’m looking forward to:
The end of February!  I tell you, whoever decided that February should be the shortest month of the year was a very smart person.

Other happenings:
Between us, Shaun and I were sick for three-quarters of the month.  Can winter be over now?  Please?

I started my new job at the library!  This would have been more awesome if I hadn’t been sick with a prolonged cold and cough on top of it, and had to call in sick to my FIRST DAY OF WORK.  But, in spite of my less-than-stellar physical condition, I have been enjoying it.

We’ve had bad ice dams.  On our side of the house, it was like the windows were raining, in our bedroom, the dining room, and the kitchen.  On the rental side, the water was dripping from a support beam in the dining room and the ceiling in the living room.  It took the contractor two visits and a bucket truck to get all the ice off the roof and the sides of the house.

So in sum total, February has been illness, a new job, and ice dam stress all on top of each other; mitigated by God’s provision (Shaun was home to help me deal with it all, and money from the rental paid to clear ice from the roof), and some really good cookies and soup.

Can winter be over now?  Please?


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