Life, According to Bagheera: Ahh, this is the Life!

“This is how to live!”

Out of the five cats we’ve had, Bagheera is the only one to get along with every other one, without either lording it over the others (GINGER!), getting into fights (Juniper and Scout) or being run over (like poor Spot). He’s a peaceable fellow.

Bagheera was sandwiched between Juniper and Ginger, purring loudly with closed eyes, while the other two groomed him enthusiastically.  He had a look of such utter contentment on his face–and it was so funny to see him being doted on by his two “girlfriends”–that I hurried to get my camera.  As I snapped the photo, he looked up at me with a look that clearly said, “This is the life.”


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