Leaves and Blossoms: New Crowns and Candle Set


First, I’m excited to announce that I’m now selling a few of my crown and candle sets at my church’s bookstore.  This will both benefit the St. George, and, I hope, encourage people to peruse my Etsy shop, Ash & Acorn.  There is a special promotion code on the back of my business cards (available at the bookstore) for use online at Etsy–10% off your purchase, and a portion of the profit will be donated to the church, in addition.  My crafts and the business cards will be available starting this Sunday–just in time for St. George’s festival.

I have also re-done the “Etsy shop” page here on the blog.  It includes an e-mail address to contact me, and a gallery of my crown and candle designs.

New crown design!


This crown set is named “Victoire,” which is French for “victory.”  It is inspired by the laurel-leaf victory crowns of classical Greece and Rome, and by traditional Greek wedding crowns, which are often made of flowers.

Detail of Victoire crowns

Detail of Victoire crowns

I found the leaf lace on Etsy.  It was stunning by itself, but I wanted to give it some extra sparkle and dimension, and added clear glass seed beads on every leaf.  I had a very limited amount of lace, so this is truly a one-of-a-kind crown set.  It took almost 9 hours (if not more; I eventually lost track) to bead and assemble.  View the listing here.

New candle set!


Just in time for autumn, I am introducing a candle set inspired by spring! 🙂  I call this set “Cherry Blossom,” after the pink flowers of the cherry tree.  The candles are 15-inch tapers, wrapped in sheer pink ribbon and white lace.  A pink crochet flower is accented by pink glass seed beads, and pinned to the candle.  It’s a very feminine candle, and would be perfect for a baby girl’s baptism!  The listing is available here.


The exact candles in the photo are only available at St. George’s bookstore, but I have three more styles of crochet flower pairs available from my Etsy shop.  It makes each pair of candles a little bit unique.

It’s good to be crafting again!


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