The Log Book: September 2015

In August I wrote that I was not looking forward to autumn, and September.

Well, now they are both here.  And my fretfulness about the changing seasons has been soothed by low, golden sunlight, sweet-tart apples, and jewel-colored trees.

Our apple tree

An Easter lily which Shaun planted in the spring bloomed for a second time.   A little bit of April in September.


In spite of myself, I am content in this season, the same in which I fell in love, was baptized, was married, left home and came back again.  It is here that dreams have been both sewn and reaped.  Without autumn, you cannot have spring.


Latest projects:
IMG_0871-I’m working on beading this piece of lace into an applique for a little handbag.  It’s an experiment, and my most ambitious piece of beading yet.
-Canning.  More on that below.
-Fall cleaning.  Spring cleaning never really got off the ground, so fall cleaning really needs to happen.

What’s cooking?
APPLES!  Apple pie, of course, and I also made my first venture into canning with applesauce.  We have two apple trees, but only one produces good apples (which are delicious!).  Even so, it produces far more than the two of us, and even the animals, can eat.  So far, my production tally stands at 5 apple pies and 5-1/2 pints of applesauce.  Plus various apples eaten as nature intended. 🙂
-Soup!  Cooler nights and days means hot, rich food is back on the menu.  So far I’ve made potato soup, tortilla soup, and gnocci soup.
-Veggie burgers.  I’d been wondering for a while about whether it would be possible to make my own veggie burgers, as an alternative to the frozen, expensive, processed kind.  And then I happened upon a book at the library called Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, which answered my question pretty decisively.  The first recipe I tried was Armenian Lentil burgers, which were pretty good.  I like the lentil base more than the spices, so I may change those to suit.  But in any case…move over, Morning Star Farms!
This month’s favorites:
Apple pie, potato soup.

The Girl in White Armor: The Story of Joan of Arc by Albert Bigelow Paine
Veggie Burgers Every Which Way by Lucas Volger
Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

Watching and listening:
Amazing Grace

Gaither’s Vocal Band
The Piano Guys

I’m looking forward to:
My friend Jori is coming to visit at the end of October.  I can’t wait to see her. 🙂

Other happenings:
-On Labor Day weekend we enjoyed a day at the house of friends from church.  They treated us to an impromptu “Labor Day bash” supper of farm-grown food and delicious artisan bread.  We loved meeting their sheep, ducks, and bunny. 🙂
-We helped out with our church’s “Mediterranean Festival.”  I also started a few of my wedding and baptismal items through the church bookstore.
-Apple canning and apple pies.  That pretty well sums up the last half of September.


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