Conversations with Cats: A Different Angle

If cats could talk….

Setting the scene:  I am sitting at the dining room table eating a snack.  Ginger is circling me like a calico shark, trying to figure out how to get to the food.  Cats on the table is Not Allowed.

Ginger: “Me? I’m not on the table. I’m stretching myself up as high as I can and then sliding my paw towards your food. So yes, my paw is on the table, but I am not, so I’m not breaking the rule. You know this because I am doing it right next to you.”
Me: “No paws on the table.”
Ginger: “Maybe if I go around to your other side and do the same thing, you will think differently.”
Me: “Get down.”
Ginger: “Life is not fair.”


(P.S. Ginger has been missing since June.  I miss her.)


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