The Log Book: October 2015


So, I should probably post this…now that’s it’s almost THANKSGIVING……

Latest projects:
-At the beginning of the month I was still canning and cooking and eating apples.  It’s a good thing they are my favorite fruit (though my love is being severely tested).
-Operation Christmas Child.  I’ve packed two shoe boxes, one for an older girl and one for an older boy.  According to Samaritan’s Purse, the older boys get very few boxes, as do the 2-4 year old boys and the older girls.  I’ve decided to make those age groups my mission.  Packing for a 10-14 year old boy was out of my “comfort” zone, but it ended up being fun.
-Taming paperwork.  I bought a filing cabinet for the purpose.  It made me feel very grown-up, in a very boring way.  But we are DROWNING in paperwork.  I sometimes marvel that there are any trees at all left in the world.

What’s cooking?
-Apples.  Need I say more?
Applesauce “crepes.”  We were going to have pancakes smothered in hot applesauce, but I made the pancake batter too thin…so we added some cream cheese and rolled them up for crepes.  Delicious.
-It’s really soup weather now.  🙂

The Promise of Francis by David Willey
The Castle of Llyr and Taran the Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander

Watching and listening:
Iron Man (I had never seen this before.  Yes, I know.)
Ender’s Game

I’m looking forward to:
-Our fourth wedding anniversary is November 5.  Shaun might get some time off for it.
-Thanksgiving…sort of.  Shaun will have to work on Thanksgiving, and then I have to work Friday and Saturday.  I’m not sure when we’ll end up celebrating.

Other happenings:
-Shaun passed both the Soldier of the Month board and the promotion board!  He is now eligible for promotion to SGT!  Of course, now we just have to wait for promotion points to come down.  Because nothing in the Army can ever be simple….
-My friend Jori came for an overnight the last two days of October.  It was so good to see her and have talks and hugs.  We drove around to see the sights and explored a local museum.  And the chocolate shop.  Mmmmm!
-We ran out of candy AGAIN this year on Halloween.  Seriously, there are so many kids in this town. 🙂


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