The Log Book: November 2015

Latest projects:
-I am finally getting back to my New Year’s resolution to “get organized.”  Which still means sorting paperwork.  How can two people generate so much paperwork?  Answer: the Army.

What’s cooking?
Somehow, this month has not been a successful cooking month.  It’s not that I haven’t been cooking.  It’s just that most things haven’t come out very well.  The new recipes I’ve tried have almost all flopped.
This month’s favorites:
I did make a few things successfully!
-Chicken and rice dinner, from Betty Crocker (1986 edition).  A great way to use up leftover chicken or turkey.
-Cranberry sauce.  Delicious with the above, and on pancakes.

One Second After by William R. Forstchen
St. Elizabeth the New Martyr
Orthodox Veneration of Mary the Birthgiver of God by John Maximovich

I’m looking forward to:
-St. Nicholas day
-Santa Lucia

Other happenings:
Another dear friend from college visited me this month!  Our “spare room” is getting a lot of use. 🙂

Shaun was on the Thanksgiving team at his DFAC again this year.  His team had to decorate according to the theme of the movie Frozen.  For his project, Shaun constructed a gingerbread castle based on the Arendelle castle where Anna and Elsa grew up.

The castle took about a week total to build and decorate, and Shaun had the additional challenge of being sent to the field for a few days right in the middle of making it.  I helped in the final two days with decoration and construction.  It was really fun to work on a creative project together.