Writers Block pt 1

Ash & Acorn on WordPress is a place for me to bring together my various web-related activities–my comic, Lab Mice; and my Etsy shop, also called “Ash and Acorn.”  I may do a bit of writing here from time to time.

Previously, this blog, and my Etsy shop, were known as “Squirrel’s Spot,” which was the name I chose for my shop while I was in college, back in 2010.  Originally my shop had more whimsical items for sale, but as I gravitated more and more towards designing wedding- and baptism-related items, it seemed that a more appropriate name was needed.  After agonizing over a new name for months, I turned to my husband, Shaun, for help.  Within about fifteen minutes he came up with the name “Ash and Acorn,” which seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

About me:  I have a Bachelor’s in History with a minor in Art from a small, liberal arts college you’ve never heard of.  I’ve lived in New York State most of my life, with wanderlust leading me to London, England, and El Paso, Texas (which cured me).  Currently, I’m the cataloger at a small-town library.  We share our house with the true owners: Scout, Bagheera, and Mowgli–our “crazy cat lady starter kit”.  I have far too many crafting supplies and not nearly enough time to use all of it.

For more about Lab Mice and Ash & Acorn on Etsy, visit their respective pages on this blog.

Etsy shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/AshandAcorn


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