Etsy Shop: Flora

A little detour from my usual fabric, bead-embroidered items: new in my Etsy shop is a floral-decorated candle, “Flora”…actually, it is probably more accurate to say that it is a bouquet, featuring a candle!


The candle is a 15-inch, drip-resistant white taper, around which is arranged fluffy green hydrangea, dusky blue flowers, and demure cream blooms.  Vintage lace encircles the bouquet.  The bottom of the candle is wrapped in white satin ribbon, over which a sheer white organza ribbon has been crossed and secured with pearl-headed pins.  The overall effect is fresh and vibrant, ready for Spring (and aren’t we all!).

I hope that this candle will add to your celebration of Easter or a baptism.

This candle is available in this Etsy listing.



Etsy Shop: New Items–Sweet Spring card and Antique Elegance candle

A few new items at Ash & Acorn on Etsy:

First, a mini-greeting card, Sweet Spring.  It is 2.75″ tall and 4″ wide, and comes with a matching green envelope, ready to carry a sweet message from you, in any season of the year.




Second, a “new” candle, Antique Elegance, which has been in my Etsy shop before, but has received a design update.  It is an 18-inch wedding or baptismal candle, and has a very similar style to my 12-inch Antique Grace candle (they would look wonderful used as a set!).




Drops of Glass

A few beading projects.

First, a series of wildflower greeting cards.

The forget-me-not and white clover were raffled off as part of a benefit for the library where I work.  I like them, but am going to keep tweaking the patterns.


I was very pleased with how the clover flower came out.

The black-eyed susan is my most bead-intensive work yet.  It also took the longest–almost four months of off-and-on work.  I’ve gotten pretty attached to it, and will probably keep it for now.


Second, two graduation gifts, both based on Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.  I love her artwork, and the lupines from the book were the inspiration that evolved into the wildflower cards.  Both pieces were beaded freehand, with no pattern, so each is unique.

The first was beaded on cardstock, and framed behind glass.


The second was sewn on cotton, and left framed in the embroidery hoop (and yes–that is beaded cursive!).


And finally, a re-discovered card which was made last summer.  It was intended to be used as a baptismal card.


Etsy Shop: Coming (back) Soon


Ash and Acorn on Etsy will be re-opening this week.  I’ve been finding spare moments here and there–like while waiting for my truck to have the oil changed–to work on my beading, and have dozens more ideas in my head for the future.  My shop will continue to have wedding crowns and candles, but will also have other items for sale which share the “cover everything in beads” theme.

Having the shop open while we prepare to move will be an interesting exercise; all my craft supplies are in boxes, but aside from that, are easily accessible.  Conveniently, as I mentioned, beading is a craft which is easy to transport, like knitting, and is easy to do anywhere you are going to have to sit around a wait a while–if you don’t mind a few curious looks.  And if your auto mechanic doesn’t mind the possibility of a few shiny pink seed beads being left behind in his shop….

A glimpse at some of my projects lately, some for the shop, some personal:


Leaves and Blossoms: New Crowns and Candle Set


First, I’m excited to announce that I’m now selling a few of my crown and candle sets at my church’s bookstore.  This will both benefit the St. George, and, I hope, encourage people to peruse my Etsy shop, Ash & Acorn.  There is a special promotion code on the back of my business cards (available at the bookstore) for use online at Etsy–10% off your purchase, and a portion of the profit will be donated to the church, in addition.  My crafts and the business cards will be available starting this Sunday–just in time for St. George’s festival.

I have also re-done the “Etsy shop” page here on the blog.  It includes an e-mail address to contact me, and a gallery of my crown and candle designs.

New crown design!


This crown set is named “Victoire,” which is French for “victory.”  It is inspired by the laurel-leaf victory crowns of classical Greece and Rome, and by traditional Greek wedding crowns, which are often made of flowers.

Detail of Victoire crowns

Detail of Victoire crowns

I found the leaf lace on Etsy.  It was stunning by itself, but I wanted to give it some extra sparkle and dimension, and added clear glass seed beads on every leaf.  I had a very limited amount of lace, so this is truly a one-of-a-kind crown set.  It took almost 9 hours (if not more; I eventually lost track) to bead and assemble.  View the listing here.

New candle set!


Just in time for autumn, I am introducing a candle set inspired by spring! 🙂  I call this set “Cherry Blossom,” after the pink flowers of the cherry tree.  The candles are 15-inch tapers, wrapped in sheer pink ribbon and white lace.  A pink crochet flower is accented by pink glass seed beads, and pinned to the candle.  It’s a very feminine candle, and would be perfect for a baby girl’s baptism!  The listing is available here.


The exact candles in the photo are only available at St. George’s bookstore, but I have three more styles of crochet flower pairs available from my Etsy shop.  It makes each pair of candles a little bit unique.

It’s good to be crafting again!

Ash & Acorn


My Etsy shop is open for business!  The new name is “Ash & Acorn,” which was entirely Shaun’s idea.  I like it–it references my name (Ashley, which means, “ash lea” or “ash tree meadow”) and the former name of my shop (Squirrel’s Spot–acorns, squirrels. Right?).  There’s not as much new inventory up for sale as I had hoped, but I’ll just do what I can for the time being.  The re-opening may not have been as grand as I wanted, but I like the direction I’m going with my crafting and my shop.

I’ve also re-named this blog “Ash and Acorn” to coordinate with my shop.  Let’s see where this new chapter takes me.

Ash & Acorn on Etsy

Etsy Shop: Opening May 1

I work best against a definite deadline.  Therefore, for better or for worse, I will open my Etsy shop again on Friday, May 1.  Over the next few weeks the name will be changed, and I will be getting new listings ready.  Here’s hoping I make it.

Etsy Shop Update

Things are much the same as they have been with my Etsy shop.  Thanks to a new part-time job (hooray!), and a very stressful and unproductive February (boo!), I will probably have to delay opening my shop until the end of March.

Maybe by then we will be able to see over the snowbanks.

What’s in a name?

I’m thinking of changing my Etsy shop’s name.  I’m fond of “Squirrel’s Spot,” but I named it that almost four years ago, and originally the items in my shop were a little more whimsical.  But now that it’s mostly wedding/baptismal/beaded items, I’m thinking that another name might be more appropriate.

I’m also considering no longer selling Lab Mice greeting cards…either at all, or at least not in my Etsy shop.  They haven’t sold very well.  They also don’t really go with the crowns and fancy candles, but I’m not sure I want to have two different shops.  Lab Mice cards might be best left for my own personal use.

So I have a lot to think about….