Early Lab Mice: Canadian-American English Dictionary


This is one of the comics that resulted from living with two Canadian roommates during a semester of college.  I’m not sure how “garborator” came up, since we didn’t have one, but it’s a really fun word to say, and it is now my word for “garbage disposal” (see? way more fun).

It’s one of my few color strips, and the one that made me realize that I REALLY needed to put space between panels.


Early Lab Mice: Starry Night



Hedgehog Yarn


Instead of mice, it’s one of their friends, the hedgehog!

A friend purchased some yarn from a vendor called “Hedgehog Yarn,” which prompted me to ask if, at the end of the ball of yarn, you find a hedgehog tangled up inside.  Kind of like the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.  This led to requests for drawings of a hedgie getting tangled up in her knitting project.  Which led to this comic.

Happy knitting, friends!


So Many Apples


It’s all fun and games until you’re buried in sticky apple peels.

EDIT:  It’s a “slice”-of-life comic!

“Is that…daylight?”


This might as well have been moles, as mice.

Also, credit goes to my daylight-deprived brother for the direct quote.