Signs of Spring

Juniper ponders the arugula sprouts in our seed tray.

Juniper ponders the arugula sprouts in our seed tray.

There are no robins yet, nor buds on the trees or in the garden.  There have been a few warm days, but the temperature can barely keep itself above freezing.  Old Man Winter keeps sending us snow, dusting the outdoors like a cake with powdered sugar.



Shaun planted this seed tray on Thursday afternoon.  Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, the arugula had already sent up tiny, tiny sprouts with itty-bitty leaves.  Today, Tuesday, the sprouts have become shoots, looking like miniature four-leaf clovers as they stretch towards the sun.  We are both astounded.

Aren't they adorable?

Aren’t they adorable?

If you are an impatient gardener, arugula is the plant for you.  Every time I look at them, it seems the sprouts have gotten a little bit taller.  They are putting the rest of the seed tray to shame.


Juniper came over to see what all the fuss was about when Shaun and I were exclaiming over the arugula this morning.  She stayed, staring fixedly at the seed tray long after we drifted away to start the morning.  “She’s almost making me think that she can see the sprouts growing,”  Shaun joked.

When she thought I wasn’t looking,  I caught Juniper sticking her paw into one of the sections with the chives.  She looked rather disgusted when she discovered that the soil was moist from watering, and eventually wandered away to nap in a sunbeam.


Go, arugula, go!