The Log Book: March-April 2016

Latest projects:
Recently we took the other half of our duplex off the rental market.  We like having our yard and house and driveway all to ourselves. 🙂  And now we have a little more room to spread out–six more rooms, in fact.  My “studio” is in the process of being moved over to the kitchen on the other side of the house, and all seven bins of Army gear have been relocated.
-On the de-cluttering front, I got through all the books that are on our bookshelves, but the ones in storage will have to wait for another time.  Look out, paperwork.
-Spring cleaning.  I’ve already done two “pre” cleanings, but now it’s time to really get to work–moving furniture, washing ceilings and walls, swiffering the radiators (why does the using the word “swiffer” suddenly make it sound like this will be an easy job?).

What’s cooking?
My kitchen has been seriously neglected of late, except for my blender.  It has been working hard making delicious fruit smoothies every morning.

Mini-Farming:  Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham
Dream Home:  The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding and Fixing Your Perfect House by Jonathan and Drew Scott

Other happenings:
-In March, Shaun won two cook boards (which are a test of an Army cook’s knowledge). Although he was still jr. enlisted at the time, he competed at the NCO level.
-On April 1 (no joke!) Shaun promoted to SGT.  He worked hard for this promotion, and we are really proud.
-Spring must be here, because friends are asking to come visit me in the wild north again!